I posed for a pic just after my first tri.  I was hooked!
I posed for a pic just after my first tri. I was hooked!

My name is Heather Reisig. I’ve worked in the digital marketing industry for large and small Internet marketing firms since 1999. I’ve done it all including: digital image editing, writing code, creating databases, putting together usability studies, reading and explaining web analytics, and, finally, writing content.

I decided to focus on the content part of it when I realized how difficult it was to find writers who knew how to write sales content for online platforms.

I feel fortunate that I can draw on all of my marketing and Internet skills and live near my friends and family. In my off time, I play with my dog, cook and eat amazing food and participate in the occasional triathlon.

Want to see some of the stuff I’ve written? Go here.

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