I write copy for all different kinds of things, and it is impossible to list them all. So these are just some of the things I can do for you. I’m also flexible to take on just about anything.

Case Studies: A case study is basically a story about how your product or service solved someone’s problem. People love reading case studies and they can be used for so many different things: brochures, magazine articles or blog entries. People love stories. Why not use a story to sell your product or service?

E-Commerce Copy:
Writing to sell something on the web is different than writing for print. It needs to be long enough to properly describe the product, but short enough so you don’t lose the consumer’s attention. Is your e-commerce copy working for you?

Landing Pages: These are pages that people go to from an advertisement, either an ad from another site, such as a pay-per-click ad, or from a printed advertisement from a QR code. To make an effective landing page requires not just well-written copy, but a knowledge of web usability as well. Need a landing page written?

Newsletters: E-mail newsletters can save you when your google or bing ranking tanks. People on your newsletter list have asked you to advertise to them: they are ready to buy. But you don’t want to over-advertise to them. Newsletters have to be worth people’s time, or they’ll opt out. Need a newsletter?

Web/ SEO copy: I’ve been in the Internet Marketing field for 15+ years. I know how to incorporate SEO phrases into copy such that people don’t even know it’s SEO copy. But there is a whole process to doing it right. Want to learn more?