Have you ever lost sales on your web site because Google changed its algorithm?

Your best insurance against the ebb and flow of search engine rankings is to have a newsletter marketing program.

Newsletters allow you to market to people who have specifically asked to hear from you. These are prospects that are very likely to convert into paying customers.

A good newsletter is well-written and has information people actually look forward to reading. The subject line must gain the attention of the recipient and the content must be well-written, entertaining and informative. The newsletter content must gently encourage people to visit your web site, or, at least let them know you’re still thinking of them.

In the old days of direct mail marketing, it was often difficult to tell what part of the written piece “caught” the interest of the recipient. By contrast, newsletters have a wealth of data one can mine to determine exactly which headlines “catch” the most opens, and exactly which links get clicked and turn into sales. This goldmine of information can be used in other aspects of your marketing program.

Do you have a newsletter that isn’t performing as well as you thought it could? Or, do you want to start up a newsletter but don’t know where to start? Contact me today and we can discuss some solutions!

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