E-commerce copywriting isn’t just about writing product descriptions — it’s an entire process of looking at what is working on the shopping portion of your web site and determining what can be improved.

I start with the web analytics, if there are any, to determine where customers are stumbling and where they are having success.

Then, I perform a keyword study for each product to learn the language of how customers talk about your products. I use this information not just to write the descriptions for people, but also for search engines so they will appropriately describe your products in search engine result pages.

I also look at how the products are categorized and re-sort them if necessary. Sometimes, I will help your web designer redesign the shopping pages so people find them easier to use.

After all of that, I will write about the product. I always believe that product descriptions must:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Convey enough information to describe the product
  • Answer questions before the customer asks them
  • Comfort the customer so they trust you to buy online
  • Be written so search engines describe the products correctly
  • Be able to be read quickly

Does your e-commerce site not convert as many sales as you’d like? Are you selling something on a shopping site like Amazon and you need a product description?

Call me today and we can work together to increase the sales on your shopping site.

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