Since the beginning of human history, people have told stories.

First, it was around the fire, then it evolved to sharing stories in books, radio, television and now, via the Internet and mobile devices.

We are a species that craves stories: entire industries are dedicated to them. (How many channels do you have on your television?)

This makes stories very, very powerful.

A case study is a story about a person or company having a success with your product or service. It is the ultimate testimonial and one of the most powerful sales tools in your toolbox.

With a case study, you can use the power of the story to sell your solution to other people with the similar needs. It allows you to blow your horn without sounding like a braggart.

A good case study is cost effective because it can be used in multiple ways: as guest posts on web sites your audience targets, or as printed literature your sales team can send out to prospects. It can also be used in press releases to drive people to your landing pages to learn more.

Want to use the power of a story to drive your sales? Email me.  I’d love to help you put your success story together!